Namaste! My name is Shilpa Anand, founder of Shilpa’s Masala Mill, a small business in Hong Kong.

Until the year 2019, I was content and comfortable being a Flight Attendant and Learning and Development Executive (Trainer) with an international Airline. With the onset of COVID and with more time on my hands the ‘home chef’ in me emerged. Everyday brought a new creation with unique and diverse dishes being served at the table. Soon the library of recipes started to grow.

In June 2020, in order to document my recipes and also share them with others, I launched my very own website ‘Saucepans and Spices’. Today, my site boasts of more than 500 recipes, both Indian and international.

Through 2021, as Covid continued, my culinary journey strengthened as well. I quickly also realised that without good spices and spice blends even best recipes were useless. I have always avoided readymade boxed masalas and prefer grinding my own, doing so requires time and will. I started to share my masalas with friends. Their feedback was very encouraging and over time I realized, it is not always possible or desirable for people to do this tedious task. This led me to discover a new found passion of creating my masalas for others.

I thus started my search, to find good spices. I then have them roasted, ground and imported to Hong Kong. It is here where I blend each one according to my secret formula. One thing is for sure, I am not willing to compromise on freshness, purity, flavour, authenticity and at the same time I’ve always wanted to keep it economical.

My range of masalas have the exact same ingredients I use at home which allows them to bring out the essence of each recipe.

Within a few months, with the unfailing support of my family, I was able to convert my passion into a small business. A new entrepreneurial chapter began.

14th July 2021, was a memorable day for me, the launch of Shilpa’s Masala Mill. It started with a handful of spice blends and I managed it solely on WhatsApp groups.

Within 6 months I now have over 25 blends of spices and a Bhajani flour Although excellent feedback and remarkable sales is the most gratifying part of this experience, the highlight for me is also meeting new people and forming new friendships as hundreds of these customers have now joined the Shilpa’s Masala Mill family and motivate me with their positive and uplifting feedback.

Food cooked at home leads to healthier diets minus the high food expenses. Finding the right blend of Masalas can spark excitement and take you on a nostalgic journey; especially on the palate.  I’ve always loved how food preserves a memory and I’ve got just what you need for that!

So, thank you for visiting my website and for your interest in my spices. My masalas will enable you to change your daily cooking chore into a therapeutic, fun and a joyful experience.

Once you have tried my masalas, I guarantee you, you will never go back to buying the store bought boxed masalas ever again!!

Happy shopping, happy cooking and Stay healthy!!

Thank you,

Love Shilpa

Shilpa's Masala Mill started with mantra “INTRIGUE LEADS TO INSPIRATION”. Our passion to create unique and diverse meals led to my curiosity and interest in multicultural food cuisines. Shilpa’s Masala Mill will enable you to change your daily cooking chore into a therapeutic, fun and a joyful experience.

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