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We are pleased to announce that we are growing very fast. In order to serve our Middle-East Clients better, Shilpa’s Masala Mill opens a new office in Dubai. Through this initiative, we are aiming to provide uninterrupted service to our Clients in the Middle East.


Shilpa I love your masala's they are filled with authentic love and joy pristine quality, because of your sincere loving attention to detail and the passion you create them with. I tried your 'Chai Masala' last night and it was sublime. I've never been into masala chai before but now i am!!!! Perfect blending and filled with love. Well done! I am sure all your blends are superb for sure.. Thank you

Have personally tried the masala, and have no words to express the joy, it was so aromatic and fresh proportion of ingredients is perfect.. missed the home cooked taste, and her masalas got that memory back. Awesome Shilpa, all the very best in your venture.

Mind blowing Ghati Chutney, Soooo authentic Love it...not missing mumbai any more...thank are simple and great cook. Everyone must must try

The Tea masala is out of the world! I Have normally never liked Masala Chai ,but This One's a Killer. Thank you So Much! Am Glad I Made This Decision!

Looks Amazing As Usual Wow!!!! Really Loving Your Masalas Shilpa....They are incredibly Fresh Potent And Authentic.

So was The Chicken Butter Masala Had That Paneer Last Sunday & Today Had Dosa With Samber With Your Samber Masala

Oh Yes, I Started Using Them! Really Liked It, Especially The Malvani Masla. Mostly The Plates Are Wipped Clean Before I Remember To Take A pic

My Friends Who Purchased Some Of Your Special Ghati Masala Tried Using In Mutton Keema And The Taste Was Really Awesome Super Super Tasty! Every One Relished It Very Nice

I Have Used Your Tea Masala And Made Tandoori. Thank You, We Are Hooked. From Now Only Shilpas Masalas For Our House

OMG!!! Your Masala's Are Soooo Good. It Really Enhances The Flavor's. You Are My Life Savior With The Kasmiri Chili Powder.. I Have Never Liked Kasmiri Chilly Powder Until I Started Using Your And It'sThe Best.And Can't Forget To Mention Thali Peeth Aata Turns Out So Delicious!! Thank YOU.

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July 20, 2023

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Avatar for Mike B B
Mike B B

Spices is too good

May 20, 2022

I like all your products speically Sambhar masala and Dabeli Masala. Keep going on. My best wishes with you.

Avatar for Kayi Cheung
Kayi Cheung

Shilpa's Masala Mill started with mantra “INTRIGUE LEADS TO INSPIRATION”. Our passion to create unique and diverse meals led to my curiosity and interest in multicultural food cuisines. Shilpa’s Masala Mill will enable you to change your daily cooking chore into a therapeutic, fun and a joyful experience.

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